Fruitmedia is a film production company based in Sussex, on the coast just outside of Brighton, with a passion to create beautiful and powerful media that leaves a lasting impression. It’s this ethos that has meant we are still producing content for most of our original clients, 16 years on. We are passionate about meeting our clients' needs and vision whilst creating fresh and exciting media. We also understand how powerful media can be at reaching target audiences and we pride ourselves in producing content that is bespoke, unique and effective for each of our clients.


A business is only as good as its people and at Fruitmedia we employ the very best talent to cover all aspects of our client's needs. From pre-production to videography, motion graphics, design, editing, music production and project management; our  team of specialists love what we do and that passion translates into beautiful content.


Anthony Jones (J)

Company Director & Senior Creative 

Kate Jones

Company Director

Josie Waller

Operations & Finance

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Joshua Van Ness
Production - Cinematographer

Lydia Jolley
Design and Motion

Jack Wintermeyer
Design & Motion


We believe environment is key for creativity, we've designed our studios to be the best they can be for our team and clients.


We recently moved offices and built a series of studios designed specifically for post-production needs, and with the client in mind. Areas include a dead-space vocal booth, a client viewing suite, a dedicated audio and music room, a picture grading room, edit suites and an open plan meeting space. To see more on our facilities click below.



Acoustically treated with a large projector screen for viewing projects, and a full edit suite for working on projects, Studio 1 is the perfect place to show clients their products. From a quick and simple watch of the project, to a full day of working alongside us to create the video, this studio has everything you need. We've seen many projects through the doors of this studio and know that it can cover all of your needs.


An edit suite/grading room and music studio, Studio 2 is one of our most versatile rooms. Used to engineer voiceovers from the neighbouring v/o booth, or engineer live instrument recording in the bigger acoustically dead space

next to it. The suite is equipped with an ultra fast MAC that can edit 4k

content and grade footage.


We've travelled all around the world to produce projects for clients. From weekends to fortnight trips, we can cover your filming needs across the globe. We've also travelled to a number of countries to the client's location in order to complete post-production work in their office, for ease of communication.

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