Advertising is one of the fastest and easiest ways to raise awareness of your brand, and whether it's TV or online advertising that you're after, we have the skills and tools to create your project for you. Below is a selection of some of the advertising projects we've worked on over the years. If you like what you see, why not get in touch to see how we can help you?


Long standing client Sheilas’ Wheels came to us asking for help in re-shooting their infamous TV commercial. The project required a rewrite of their catchy song, as well as a new, fresh look to be given to the overall feel of the video. We were able to record the song, mix it and cut it in time for filming. One of the biggest challenges in this project was finding a studio space with big enough vehicle access for the Sheilas’ Cadillac, that was within budget. But we succeeded and moved onto filming for two days.

The footage was then cut and synced to the track, a grade added that brought out the brand’s colours, and animated sing-along subtitles added throughout the video.

The end result has been viewed on Facebook over 160,000 times, and over 380,000 times on YouTube. You can view it on the link below. Warning: this film contains an incredibly catchy song that could stay in your head for days!


With the upcoming launch of their new initiative 'Smart Miles', Hastings Direct asked us to create a number of videos for them, including this animated promotional piece. For this project we wrote the script, recorded the voiceover, composed the music and produced all of the animation in-house. For Hastings Direct we were a one-stop shop that catered to all of their needs. The end result is something the client loved, and the number of views across social media speak for themselves.


Interior design company Spectrum were looking for a media company to showcase the work they've done for a number of their clients. The films needed to show the space as a whole, as well as the intricate design details that represent the thought and time put into Spectrum's work. The end result is a film that entices you to want to visit the space they've designed, and encourages viewers to consider Spectrum in their office refurbishments plans.


We worked alongside esure to produce a TV infomercial explaining their multicar insurance plan. During our initial creative meeting, we came up with the concept of turning the esure logo into a car – a concept we saw through into the finished product. 

All of the elements for this video were developed in-house, including the music composition; inspired by a library track that the client liked. This eliminated any difficult copyright issues when showing the advert on television. The client wanted the advert to be created in a lighthearted, tongue in cheek style, and we achieved this through the use of sound effects and the animation style featured in the finished product. The sound effects enhanced the animation, making it quirkier and memorable. The end result was a bespoke, unique, fun and

on-brand animation.

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