Over the years, we've had the privilege of travelling across the world to film the work of charities, creating adverts for broadcast and filming live events. Read our case studies below to find out about specific projects, the equipment we used, the challenges we had to overcome and the impact the videos have had!


In 2018 we created a film surrounding the refugee crisis in Athens, and the work of the The Salvation Army. The charity provides practical, emotional and spiritual support to refugees, many of whom have travelled from Syria and northern African countries. 


There are now over 60,000 refugees living in Athens, and throughout the city are harrowing scenes of drug abuse, human trafficking, gang violence and extreme poverty. 


In July we travelled to Ecuador with Philippa Hanna to meet Carlos, the child she had been sponsoring for 12 years with Compassion. Compassion is a Christian charity that works to release children from poverty across the world by working with the local church. 

The purpose of the trip was to create a compelling video that would encourage people to sponsor a child with the charity. It was a very emotional trip for the whole team, meeting Carlos and seeing the impact Philippa's sponsorship had on his life.



We worked with the Charity Tearfund to create a video about their Legacy giving option in wills. The aim of the video was to inform and empower viewers to donate to the Charity in this significant way. We travelled to Scotland to interview a number of long standing Tearfund  donors who discussed their connection to the Charity and why they had made the decision to leave a Legacy donation.

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