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What was the project?


In July we travelled to Ecuador with Philippa Hanna to meet Carlos, the child she had been sponsoring for 12 years with Compassion. Compassion is a Christian charity that works to release children from poverty across the world by working with the local church. The purpose of the trip was to create a compelling video to be shown at an upcoming event  that would encourage people to sponsor a child with Compassion.

It was a very emotional trip for the whole team, meeting Carlos and  seeing the impact Philippa’s sponsorship had on his life.

At Fruitmedia, we find creating videos with a particular charitable purpose particularly rewarding, knowing that the work we do is playing its part in making a difference.



What was the team and tech?

Two of the Fruitmedia team were used on for this project, to work as cameraman and help direct the film with Compassion. We used Arri Amira cameras with Zeiss CP2 lenses.
















What were the challenges?


There were a few challenges we had to overcome for filming this project. Initially, we had planned to film a documentary piece which followed Philippa’s experience meeting Carlos. However as we began filming we realised Philippa’s strength in talking to camera, and collectively decided to create a more interactive piece where she took the role of a presenter, giving daily updates to camera. This meant we needed to adapt the storyboard and work with Philippa to develop a script that worked for this style of presenting, but we were all very pleased with this decision as it gave the film a more personal approach that would resonate with the audience.





We also had to overcome technical issues while filming in Ecuador. The pivotal moment in the film is when Philippa steps of the bus to meet Carlos for the very first time. As we were setting up to get this shot, Philippa’s microphone was getting interference affecting her audio. As we didn’t know how both Philippa and Carlos would react to meeting for the first time,  capturing audio for both of them would be essential to the scene. Fortunately we always carry back ups of equipment in case technical problems happens, so we were able to swap her mic out for a functioning one in time for the shot. This scene turned out to be one of our favourites in the film, as Philippa is overcome with emotion when they meet.

What was the impact of the video?


We received very positive feedback after the film was shown at Compassion’s event. According to Compassion:


“The premier of our new film yesterday went super well. By the end of the day we had 31 sponsors (plus 7 still out) from a room or around 200 ladies! The screening was so emotional”


“Thanks for all your hard work on the video Fruit Media team. You knocked it out the park” 

Watch the video here:

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