Add Mustard

Tv Advert

What was the project?

We partnered with creative Agency Add Mustard to produce a 30 second Television Advertisement and integrated campaign for Attraction Tickets, the UK’s leading attraction ticket provider. The campaign would feature 3 of their key partners: Walt Disney World Resort Florida, Universal Orlando Resort and Seaworld.


The aims of the advert were to inform existing customers about the company’s rebranding from Attraction Tickets Direct to, attract a new audience and positively promote the emotional aspect of ‘Adding Happiness’ and connecting that to


We set out to capture the reactions of 3 characters (7-8 year old, 13-15 year old, and an adult male) with close-up, high-quality shots of their awe and wonder as they watch b-roll footage of the Disney, Universal and SeaWorld experiences.


What was the team and tech?

For this project filming took place at our in-house studio space. We used Arri Amira cameras to capture close-up shots in crisp, clear shots of the characters. As the advert would also contain existing b-roll footage of the attractions, getting the lighting to be consistent with our shots was essential. We used a range of soft box lighting to achieve this.

What was the impact of the video?


Film link:

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