Over the years, Fruitmedia has worked with a large number of charities on a wide variety of projects. We've had the privilege of going to countries across the globe to film the work that these charities are doing to help those in need. Using this footage, we have begun to create our own series of documentaries based on the things that we have witnessed. We can't wait to share these documentaries with you, and our hope is that they change people's lives for the better.


What our film crew witnessed in Athens when filming with For Refugees impacted them beyond words and inspired us to create the first of our own Fruitmedia documentaries. In September of 2018 we returned to Athens, to catch up with those whose stories we captured back in 2016 and 2017. 

We cannot wait to share this documentary with you, and look forward to seeing it broadcast on UK TV. We hope that it will be a voice for those whom the Western world's media have forgotten. We believe that through the power of film we can re-awaken the world's awareness to this very real issue.


In 2016 our film crew headed out to Athens to film the work of the Salvation Army. The aim of the project was to create a fundraising film that would stir people to give towards those stuck in the refugee crisis. The end result is a beautiful and compelling film, educating us on the dire situation faced by millions around the world.

In one week alone, this film raised £360,000.

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