We recently worked on a year-long project that resulted in a feature length piece following characters through from the Viking era to modern day. Here are a few of our favourite moments from the finished piece. We loved working on this project, and would love to work with you on your project, however big or small.


One of the more surreal aspects of this project was being on a set that was fully immersed in ancient times. Charging Vikings, burning villages and a lot of animals are just part of what made this one of our favourite parts of the feature film. Using a combination of drone, steadicam, tripod and gliderail, we were able to create a broad range of camera techniques that enriched the story playing out on screen.


Later on in the feature film we move to Victorian times. This part of the piece wasn't without its challenges! Filming on a boat with low ceilings, historical sights that came with a lot of restrictions, and a lot of modern day buildings to keep out of shot. However we took this as an opportunity for extra creativity in our shooting and editing, and are thrilled with the way this section of the film turned out.


Possibly the most emotional section of the film, this era included filming in trenches with explosives, using CGI to create a moving spitfire, and a variety of camera and lighting effects to add to the drama of the piece. A combination of smooth and steady, and shaky, fast camerawork is used to highlight the difference between life in the trenches, and life at home during the world wars. If you have a drama piece you want a media company for, then look no further.

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