Over the years we've been to all sorts of events to cover different media needs. From week-long festivals requiring multiple daily edits, to an hour-long gig needing a simple social media edit. We love the energy that is conveyed through films covering events and music, and the fact that no two events are ever the same! If you have an event coming up, or music you'd like capturing on film then get in touch with us, we'd love to help.


World-renowned instrument and amplifier creators Fender recently came to us asking for a series of videos showcasing their latest guitars and amps. Sound quality was of the upmost importance for this, so we had a dedicated audio engineer on set to record everything and mix it on site. The videos were then turned around within the week, and the client was thrilled with the end result.


Brighton based music collective, Bright City, requested a highlights package from one of their evening events. We put together an emotive, slow motion cut that portrayed the depth of the atmosphere of the night. Since this video was made we've worked on a number of other projects with Bright City, and look forward to working with them again soon.


In May 2018 we had the opportunity to fly out to Sweden and film the annual staff conference of a global gaming company. Amongst various outputs required from that weekend was a highlights package of the final evening's party, featuring Grandmaster Flash as the headline act. We put together a short film that captured the heart of the company, whilst conveying the fun and high energy felt whilst at the event.

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