Photography and videography go hand in hand. For that reason, we've worked alongside multiple photographers and fashion designers on their projects, providing them with video marketing that they can use when pitching to potential clients. If a picture says a thousand words, how many more can be said through film?


For the majority of our work, we see the project through from conception to completion. However for this piece, we were contacted by the client and asked to edit footage they'd gathered during a film shoot in America. We were happy to help them and so set about forming a story through footage of an interview with John Schell. For this project we composed the music, edited and graded the piece in-house. We also produced a series of other videos alongside this one, including social media cuts.


Long standing client Phase One were looking for a film to be created that showcased their software and equipment, whilst focusing around the work of Chris Davis (Specular). We visited a photoshoot of his in London to put together a video that showed off both the skills of Phase One, and the skills of the photographer. The fast pace of this edit matches in with the fast pace of a photoshoot, and the upbeat, percussive soundtrack is a nod to the creativity and energy Chris Davis puts into his work.


Photography studio 'Engaging Images' wanted a promotional video made that could be hosted on their website, as well as broadcasted across social media. They asked us to help and so we travelled to their next photoshoot and captured the photographer in action. Combining footage with interviews and end-product stills provided by Engaging Images meant that this film provided a true insight into a day in the life of the family, and a day in the life of Engaging Images.

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