At Fruitmedia we love where we work. Brighton is an incredible city full of creativity and life, and Shoreham is a beautiful town. But we know both have their problems and needs. We want to be a positive contribution towards the area; employing local people, looking to train and empower other organisations

in the city and helping those in need. 


In Brighton homelessness has rapidly increased over recent years. We want to give back into our city by supporting organisations that are doing an incredible job at making a difference. Two of which are Safehaven and Night Shelter run by St Peter's in Brighton. These services offer the street community hot meals and accommodation overnight. Fruitmedia is supporting this amazing work on a monthly basis, with the target of regularly giving over the next five years towards this work. We also provide them with pro-bono film work.


We are also working with the Salvation Army in Greece to support their work with refugees. We have invested in making a not-for-profit film on the situation and the work being done out there, to help families and children caught up by the conflict in Syria and the Middle East.