Social media is one of the most powerful ways to promote and market your business or charity. We've worked on a wide variety of projects designed for social media, including campaigns run through multiple videos or across a long period of time. We also regularly produce social media edits alongside longer run-time projects. Whatever you need, we've got you covered.


Having worked with M&S in the past, we were chosen again to create a series of social media videos for them during the Christmas period. These videos were intended to give viewers wrapping tips on how to make their Christmas presents look extra special. We used a birds eye view technique to show the tutorial in the clearest and simplest way possible. We didn't want anything to obstruct the view of the hands in the tutorial, and so kept the background empty to avoid distracting the eye. The end results are sharp, snappy and engaging shorts.


Restaurant chain Smith & Western came to us asking for a video that they could use across their social media channels to broadcast what customers can expect to experience when dining at a Smith & Western restaurant. This project wasn't without its challenges - the main one being capturing the food whilst it was still steaming, requiring us to shoot quickly and react to the situation around us. We composed the music based on a track that the client liked, and we're thrilled with the end result.


Having completed a filming trip to Athens to collect footage for an upcoming project, we went straight into the edit suites to create this teaser trailer. The project consisted of multiple languages and multiple edits of each presenter, so a teaser trailer was the perfect opportunity to grab people's interest while they waited for the finished pieces. We used a variety of editing techniques throughout this trailer to create pace, energy and add to the mystery of what the finished piece was going to look like.



We've worked with charity Livability for number of years now, and recently worked on a film with them that focussed around one of their volunteers who was about to embark on running the Tour de France route in order to raise awareness for mental health. This social media edit contains some of the best bits from the original film, and seeks to raise awareness for Peter's running challenge.

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