Legacy Video

What was the project?

We worked with the Charity Tearfund to create a video about their Legacy giving option in wills. The aim of the video was to inform and empower viewers to donate to the Charity in this significant way. We travelled to Scotland to interview a number of long standing Tearfund  donors who discussed their connection to the Charity and why they had made the decision to leave a Legacy donation.


What was the team and tech?

For this project we took J and Jez as our cameraman and assistant. We used our Arri Amira camera with Zeiss CP2 lenses to achieve high quality close up shots and Keno Flo lighting.

What were the challenges?


We wanted the video to capture each person’s own journey over the years with Tearfund and their reasons for wanting to make a legacy donation, as this would be important for  resonating with the audience.  To do this, we took shots of the donors looking at photos throughout their lives and juxtaposed it with footage we had taken across Africa.


The interviews had been arranged to take place at the donors houses in Scotland. While filming in houses can be a great setting for interviews, it can also be challenging as some rooms can look very small and dark on camera. It was important for us to achieve cinematic shots and a high quality look to the video, so we used different lighting techniques to enhance the indoor shots and opted to shoot in garden locations where needed. For our outdoor scenes we used Keno Flow lighting to counteract the sunlight. We were really pleased with the result for the video which gives a personal perspective to charitable giving, but also has a high end finish.

What was the impact of the video?

A report produced for the project showed that the video received 22,599 views across social media channels, 20,450 of which were from Facebook and 2,149 video views from Twitter. Tearfund also used FB advertising to further target the video which resulted in it reaching 62,594 accounts. In total there were 1327 Engagements on Social Media including 125 reactions comments and shares.


“An inspiration for us all”- Facebook user


We’re really happy to see the reach this video has already had, and hope that it will continue to inspire, empower and equip viewers to donate towards this incredible cause. 

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