At Fruitmedia, making films that matter is one of our biggest passions and the reason we do a lot of what we do. Over the years we've built up a large list of charity clients, and have had the privilege of going all around the world, filming where the charities are working. If you have an overseas trip coming up that you'd like filming on, or if you're a UK based charity looking for a company to cover all of your media needs, get in touch with us today.


At Fruitmedia, we go on international film trips regularly - recently we travelled to Cameroon to film the work that All We Can does in communities around the country. This film focuses on the story of an incredibly strong and loving woman, Regina, and how All We Can has changed her life. Since creating this piece we have been out on further international trips with All We Can, to continue to capture their work around the globe.


In 2016 our film crew headed out to Athens to film the work of the Salvation Army. The aim of the project was to create a fundraising film that would stir people to give towards those stuck in the refugee crisis. The end result is a beautiful and compelling film, educating us on the dire situation faced by millions around the world.

In one week alone, this film raised £360,000.


The Youth Sport Trust have come to us for films a number of times, and most recently required a series of films covering sports events across the UK. In Leicester we filmed Ultimate - a frisbee championship hosted by the Youth Sport Trust. 


Long standing client Livability came to us asking for a number of videos to be created, with the purpose of showcasing their service centres around the country. This video focuses on a metalworks job placement service and follows the stories of a number of people working there. Using a combination of slow-mo close ups, talking heads and scene-setting shots, the end result truly represents the community that put their time and energy into make lives more liveable for people.


Our film crew went on a ten day filming trip to Haiti with Compassion UK, with the aim of the trip being to collect footage for three films. We took the Arri Amira camera out for this trip, and used it alongside a polarizer to really bring out the blues in the sky and in the overall colour saturation. The combination of Arri Amira + polariser + CP2 Prime Lenses meant that the footage captured during this trip is some of the best we’ve ever got. It was a game-changing discovery that has meant our output level has never been the same again. The footage that we captured during the trip ticked every box and left us we a treasury of usable shots.

The finished films have received thousands of hits on YouTube, and countless comments of positive feedback. Compassion were thrilled with the final result, and the project has been labelled ‘unforgettable’.

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