Over the years we have edited courses for multiple clients, across a variety of genres, platforms and purposes. Spotlighted here is one we worked on for A21 - an anti-human trafficking organisation - to train up their volunteers in raising awareness against slavery. For this project we edited programmes for use in fourteen countries around the world, featuring multiple languages. Alongside this we designed a number of printed materials to work with the programmes. Here are some snippets of the course to give you a taster of our work.

If you're looking for someone to create the media resources for your course, then we can help. The prospect of big projects doesn't intimidate us.


Forming the main structure of the course, and the backbone to which all the other assets are tied, is a series of training programmes. These pieces were captured on a film shoot in Athens, and needed to be filmed for fourteen different languages and countries. During post-production the challenge came when needing to edit presenters speaking languages we don't speak! However the finished products are something we're proud to put our name behind, and contain a blend of our footage, graphics and existing assets from the client. 


The course was going to be taught across schools and community groups around the world, so it was important that there be a clear and concise learning guide to run alongside the training programmes. The client provided us with all of the copy for the booklet, and we set to work creating the design. Ensuring we had a design and layout that worked with different languages and alphabets was a fun challenge that we worked through, and we're very pleased with the end result.


Of course, no teaching session would be complete without a series of slides to accompany the presentation. For this course, we converted some of the key information from the 70 page booklet into a presentation that teachers could use when running their courses. When creating the presentation, we carefully planned out each slide to be the clearest it could be, whilst matching the design style seamlessly with the booklet and other printed resources.

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