How does your brand reach customers? Marketing. What's the most effective form of marketing? Video. Over the years we've worked with a broad range of corporate clients, from small start-up businesses, to global companies, every company had their video needs and we provided the solution for them. If you're a company looking for someone to fulfil your media needs - be it a one off video or a year-long strategy - we've got you covered. Contact us today for more information.


Medical manufacturers Polarseal wanted a new promotional video to show to clients both through their website and in meetings. Due to the nature of their work, a lot of the machinery and workings of the business aren't allowed to be shown on camera. This added an extra element of challenge to the project, but one we were excited to take on. Featuring a range of macro close-ups, staff shots and busy warehouse scenes, this film gives you a taste into life at Polarseal.


Protective clothing specialists SMI produce their own line of PPE, and were looking for a film company to capture their products in action. For this project we travelled to various sites in the south of England, capturing SMI's products in use across various forms of work. By taking the time to highly stylise and light each shot, the end result is something the client is proud to show off to potential customers. These clips are taken from one of the multiple filming days required for this project and give you a taste of the final edit.


We travelled to Sweden to film King's annual staff event. Being a company that makes games and spends most of their time bringing fun into people's lives, King wanted their videos to show that fun and creativity is at the core of everything they do. Over the course of the two day filming event, we put together a 90 second highlight reel, showcasing the best bits of the event and giving viewers an insight into what it's like to work for King.


We partnered with a London agency to create videos for Marks & Spencers’ social media channels. These videos focused around their women’s denimwear range, and sought to answer questions from members of the public. Filming took place in London, with first edits required by the client before the end of the week. We used a hand-held camera technique to make the viewer feel as though they are in the room, having their questions answered directly to them. The grade used on the footage gave the films a feel of elegance, and tied in with the colours of the denimwear on display. Graphics were incorporated into the piece through the use of stylised names and titles for the presenters, as well as an animated title slide and lower third questions appearing throughout the video.

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